Nice meeting you

Nice that you found us. I would like to introduce Ezmatic and myself.

My name is Harm Martens, originally Dutch and living in the beautiful southern French village of Lorgues. In a region where I feel very much at home, a region that gives me energy.

In the Netherlands I worked in the construction industry and the real estate market. Although I was always at the forefront of new technical developments, I was missing something and I discovered that I was touched by energy. Energy from a socket and human energy. Energy is everything around us. Feeling good means energy. But the wind is also energy. Positively charged as a wonderfully cooling breeze over your warm skin or negatively as a hard, frontal cold headwind in your face while cycling. Energy is also in the sun. Figuratively because it makes us happy, but also literally because we generate electricity with it and so do not exhaust the earth unnecessarily.

I learned how we can apply energy in the construction sector. And I found another form of energy in the earth. There is positive and negative energy in the form of radiation. Negative terrestrial radiation can cause an unpleasant living environment in your home. It can cause sleep problems, mood swings and even be the basis for certain diseases. This triggered and motivated me enormously. I started to study the functioning and effects of mineral raw materials on terrestrial radiation. I have developed a custom solution for this to measure which mineral additions are needed to neutralize the radiation present. For example, I can put together a personal package of materials that will be incorporated into the floor or foundation of your home.

This is how I work with positive energy everywhere. Whether it concerns the installation for solar energy, wind energy or the neutralization of terrestrial energy.

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Hope to see you again!

Nice meeting you